Our Story

In 1983 my Family welcomed our first SCWT into our home, after exhaustive breed research by my mom. My mother was pleased with their medium size, that they do not shed, and that wheatens are great family dogs when the time and effort to train and socialize is invested. She bought a wheaten under a show contract and my already happy childhood now included dog shows. I was blessed to be involved in all aspects of our family’s SCWT care. ‘Sandy” lived to be 16 years old and started a long line of wheatens.

After losing my mother to cancer in 2001, I decided continuing the dog fancier way of life and the Sandcastle Pedigree was a must. Breeding Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers that adhere to the national breed standard in appearance, with great temperaments and health as a priority is a deep seated passion that will always be important in my life. My dogs are family members first and show dogs in AKC sanctioned dog shows second. I want the best temperament and attitude possible living in my home and the home of my potential pet and show puppy families. Following in my mother’s footsteps, I am a member of The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America, The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Greater Tampa Bay, and Okaloosa Kennel Club (our local All-Breed Kennel Club).

For more information regarding litters, wait list, and procedure for obtaining a Sandcastle Wheaten, please refer to the Information page.

In Memory Of

My mom, Jackie Kase, had a love for animals growing up and had wanted to become a veterinarian, she became a nurse at the suggestion of her parents and was told “she could have all the dogs she wanted once she was married”. She took those words to heart and although had other breeds along the way, she acquired her first show wheaten, “Sandy”, in 1983. Sandy is the foundation upon what was then and continues to be Sandcastle Wheatens. My mom was a long time member of the local Okaloosa Kennel Club (all breed kennel club) and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America. She was also a founding member of Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Greater Tampa Bay. The Jackie Kase Memorial Award is an annual award given based upon service of a dedicated club member. It is such an honor to have an award named after her.

She was dedicated to the health and temperament of the wheatens she bred and placed with families. She took very serious the ethics and guidelines (like all responsible hobby/preservation breeders should) set forth by the AKC national breed club. But those who knew her well got to enjoy the silly and fun side she showed at dog shows. She was a good natured jokester and had quite an infectious sense of humor and laugh! Her exuberance for life came out in how she cared for her family, friends, and dogs (and horses and birds).

I do know she is smiling down on me and helping to guide the future of the Sandcastle Wheatens she loves so much.